Mini Campaign

The first step

The adventurers were summoned by the King to save his son from dying from a horrible disease by retreaving spider venom from a giant spider which is a key ingrediant in a potion needed to cure the Prince. Thanks to Cody’s silver tongue the adventurers had more money to spend in the shops before leaving to the cave. The adventurers reached the cave and fought off spiders and rats. Thanks to John’s sharp eye he found a hidden pasage in the cave. In the next room Michael spoted a trap, and Cody quickly disarmed the trap. Next the adventurers fought the giant spider and 2 small spiders. Michael Quickly disposed of the 2 spiders with a blast from Hadouken [Monk damage + Wis mod + Monk Level]. Cody summoned a celestial dog named Handbanana which figurativly and litterally raped the giant spider’s ass. While it was being raped Cody used his ventriliquism to make the Giant spider yell “I’m a big gay spider” John however, used his spells and Raven to slowly defeat the spider. The adventurers returned to Corksbury with the spider venom and were richly rewarded for their heroic deeds. John and his raven killed the King and the adventurers were then from now on the rulers of Corksbury. Michael killed a man in a death match and fed him to John.

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